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Witness Wheel To Wheel, Door To Door Action

Witness Wheel To Wheel, Door To Door Action


Introducing the Official Supporter Program



Introducing the Official Supporter Program

WISSOTA Auto Racing has undergone changes to prepare for the 2024 WISSOTA racing season. Last season we recorded a vastly successful Speedway Motors WISSOTA 100 and National Banquet, as well as debuted the AFCO WISSOTA MPH Invitational, a tradition we are excited to grow and continue for years to come.

28 tracks were represented in the deliberations of the 2023 WISSOTA Annual Meeting. One decision made annually by the represented body is voting on the WISSOTA Board Members. There were 3 spots open for election that were voted to be filled by returning members Gus Omundson and Nikki Elton, and new member Tom Wagamon. We are excited to have Gus and Nikki back, and welcome Tom to the WISSOTA Board of Directors.

Changes have also been made to the internal operations of WISSOTA Auto Racing. Following the resignation of Rod Lindquist, Vice President of the Board Nikki Elton is the Interim Executive Director going forward. Board members Mike Jordet and Denny Niess have been appointed sales responsibilities and are building the momentum required to propel our organization in a positive direction.

One of the big pushes for momentum will be in the Official Supporter Program. The Official Supporter Program was founded to create a database of businesses that support us to support you. We are a non-profit based organization, meaning we give back everything we can. With programs such as this, we are able to support the drivers and the development of our sport more than ever before.

What we need from you is your support. We can’t do any part of what we do for local racing without it. Putting together this program is the key to unlocking more opportunities for both sides of the WISSOTA coin, the partners and the drivers.

We are adding the list of Official Supporters of WISSOTA to our website very shortly, and all we ask is that you, as consumers of WISSOTA, choose a company you find on this page. Categorized for your convenience, it will be easy to browse through to find what you are looking for. Whether it’s a building project, buying a car new or used, remodeling your home or office, looking for an auto body center, heating and cooling, family fun, anything in between or outside, make it a habit to support the businesses who support you!

Mike Jordet, spearhead of the program, says, “It all starts here. Now more than ever as an organization and its consumers we need to support the businesses who support us. Our goal with this program is to provide a low-risk opportunity for businesses as far and wide as possible to be involved in supporting WISSOTA members”. He went on to add, “We can’t do this alone. I am not speaking as a WISSOTA Board Member, but as a race fan. As patrons of WISSOTA racing, it is more crucial than ever to get out and support this sport at any level you can”.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of the Official Supporters of WISSOTA page, please contact Mike Jordet at mike@wissota.org or give him a call at (320)-290-8898.

Submitted By: Camryn Sullivan

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