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Season Opener Set For April 30

Season Opener Set For April 30

Season opener with a double header scheduled for Friday, April 30th

Driver Info

Driver Track information

Drivers enter North Pit road on Maryland Lane Stop at back gate to register.


Paved pit spots for 80 race teams.
Pit concessions with Deck & tables, This is where Pit meeting is at 6:40.
Showers in Building men's / women's .
Tech Building has scales inside Top 5 Tech Heat & Features.
Pits have Lights and Audio .
Race cars line up at turn 4 entrance to track Command center has line up also posted in that area.
Line ups posted in Tech building .
Drivers and Pit crew may use north side Blue Stands or South side walk up into main stands to view racing.
All Drivers must dog leg exiting off track dip into turn 2 exit out turn 3 around tires.
2018 Rotating Who is first class on track.

If you have any question show up to pit meeting early we will answer your questions.

Driver Registration

Driver Registration

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